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Nothing new just kind of bored.

Soo i was thinking and is it weird that i haven't finished reading Twilight no matter how hard i try i can't get through it i think i'm still on chapter eight or something like that. However i did manage to finish reading all the rest in a weeks worth of time. i stayed up all night the minute i picked up New Moon, which is by far my favorite of the whole saga. I swear i didn't get a wink of sleep during NM but i can't manage to keep my eyes open for Twilight.. and that makes me totally sad. I feel like a fail for not finishing it, lol. I saw the movie totally thinking it was another teeny bop dumb film filled with the Miley Cyrus' of the world. Luckily my buddy, Yvette, and i were super duper bored so we decided to skadaddle off to our local Target and search for a good movie one night and BAM there was Kristen Stewart and "some dude" on the cover of a dvd.. Now mind you, i already LOVED the Stew, she was every type of amazing in Into The Wild and The Messengers is thebff's and i's fave scary movie (it holds dear awesome memories of it scaring the bejezus outta us on Holloween)!! Sooo, like the good little fan girl i am i bought that three disc diddy going on and on about how "this shit better be good and worth my twenty four bucks!" Anywhoo, long story short bought it, watched it, instantly fell in love with it.. or better yet fell in love with the chemestry these two were just spewing out of every pore. Dude i was speechless after my first viewing but i had to keep the cool cuz the buddy was still there and i didn't wanna sqeel like a little school girl over the love i had discovered. i'm waaaay too cool to be an open public lover of all things Twi lol.. i prefer a quiet obsession..............ANYWHOOO... TOTALLY veered off topic there.. But yes, i'm struggling with Twilight (the book) and i find that so odd because i go through fan fiction like nothing. i've read like 3 fics in the past weeks and i couldnt put them down. Maybe i'm just not interested in Twilight... hmm idk. I'm determined to finish it tho. i can't not.

Well i'm off to return to my little life.

I'm desperately infatuated.

Right now i'm in complete lusty infatuation with Joan Jett's voice. It fucking calls to me.. I'm like a love sick puppy. and i fucking LOVE it! And i find myself on a old school No Doubt kick lately. I'm listening to Marry Me and.... oh god. Is it actually possible to fall in love with a song..? I mean it's not just the lyrics its the sway of the music and the relaxant it drowns you in. i'm just so damn mezmerized with this whole clusterfuck of gorgeous words that just fit together so perfectly. I'm so dizzy with genius right now, i need to chill..

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